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Effective March 1, 2016

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Please read these terms and conditions of use carefully before entering to use this site. Your use of this site indicates you accept these terms and conditions and you agree that each visit or entry you make to the www.loveteez.com website shall be subject to these current guidelines. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to modify, change, add to, or remove portions of these terms at our discretion and at any time, which may be updated periodically.



By visiting or registering on this Site or providing your Personal Identifiable Information and/or financial information over the phone and/or through electronic communication, you consent to the processing and/or disclosure of your personal identifiable information as set forth in the Privacy Policy. The terms of use and Privacy Policy applies to the Personal Identifiable Information we collect or receive from Users of the Site; and/or any Individuals with whom we interact through telephone, correspondence, or electronic communications. You agree and consent to disclosures of your Personal Identifiable including but not limited to financial information to Business Partners with which we have a specific agreement. “Business Partners” means the workforce and all of the workforces in association with our Business Partners. The disclosure to “Business Partners” of Personal Identifiable information and financial information is for the sole purpose of giving you access to the products, services, or features that you requested and/or inquire about. The purpose in collecting Personal Identifiable information and/or financial Information is to identify your requests, goals, or needs so that we can find a more efficient and effective way to respond to your questions, requests, fulfill orders, inquiries, and to market additional products and services to you.


By visiting “The Site” (WWW.LOVETEEZ.COM) and/or by calling the phone number (863-937-3844), and any other phone number associated with the site, and/or by filling out a form or make a purchase through or on the “Site”, you consent to the processing of your Personal Identifiable information and financial Information as set forth in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Your continued use of the “Site”, or continued interaction with us after we have notified you of a material change in our Privacy Policy in accordance with the Updates will be deemed an acceptance of these new terms. Telephone calls- If you call the phone number (863-937-3844) or any other phone number associated with the “site”, and/or fill out a form, make an inquiry and/or make a purchase through the “site”, and provide us with a telephone number, we may call you. By submitting the form, make an inquiry, and/or make a purchase whether via telephone, electronic communication, and/or through “the site” with your phone number, you expressly authorize Artisan Angel LLC (www.loveteez.com), its affiliates and/or workforce to call you and/or send you recorded messages and/or texts and/or emails about the products described in the purchase and products ordered and/or about the form filled out on the site or to promote new products and/or offers as well as to provide excellent customer service. Correspondence-We may use your correspondence, contact information, phone number, email address, and any information that you provide in your messages via telephone or electronic communications or form filled out on the “site” to respond to you. Consent to receive calls regardless of “user” your status on the Do Not Call List and/or Do Not Email List: “User” by making an inquiry to “the site” www.loveteez.com and/or to our Affiliated Business partners and/or our Representatives you (“user”) are consenting to be contacted, despite your (“user”) status on the DNC (do not call) list or Do Not Email List, for up to 90 days. “User” by filling out the form or by making a purchase from the “site” online and requesting information on services, products, and/or any inquiries and/or requesting to speak with a Representative of Artisan Angel LLC (www.loveteez.com) or any other inquiry or request made by you (“user”) via any other types of electronic communications, or by making a call to 863-937-3844 or any other phone numbers affiliated with Artisan Angel LLC (www.loveteez.com) and/or to our Affiliated “Business Partners” or workforce, you are consenting to be contacted, despite your “user” status on the DNC (do not call list) and/or Do Not Email List, for up to 90 days.


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The LOVETEEZ.COM Website may contain hyperlinks to other (third party) Websites that are not maintained by LOVETEEZ (Artisan Angel LLC) and does not constitute nor imply approval or endorsement of these third party Websites but are strictly provided solely for the consumer’s or “user” convenience. Artisan Angel LLC (LOVETEEZ) is not responsible or liable for any content of these sites.


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Products and services offered and their descriptions, terms and answers to questions frequently asked are intended as general information only. They are not necessarily complete descriptions of all exclusions, conditions, and terms applicable to the products and/or services offered through or by LOVETEEZ and/or Artisan Angel LLC. Products availability may vary from time to time and may in some occasions be on backorder or no longer available www.loveteez.com (Artisan Angel LLC) cannot be held liable or responsible in any way for the lack of complete description of product items and/or services, exclusions, and any other conditions or warnings of these products and/or services.


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The materials appearing on www.loveteez.com website could include technical, typographical, or photographic errors. www.loveteez.com does not warrant that any of the materials on its web site are accurate, complete, or current. www.loveteez.commay make changes to the materials contained on its web site at any time without notice. www.loveteez.com does not, however, make any commitment to update the materials.



By submitting a purchase order, phone order, email order, or web order to purebuttons.com you agree to all the ordering terms and conditions, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy as set forth by our Privacy policy and Terms of Use.


Limitation of Liability

The information and descriptions contained within this “site” and in this statement are not intended to be a complete description of all terms, inclusions, exclusions, and/or conditions applicable to the “contract- agreement”, information on products and/or services provided by Artisan Angel LLC (loveteez.com), are provided solely for general informational purposes and Artisan Angel LLC (loveteez.com) makes no guarantees or warranties on its products and/or services including unauthorized access to the “site”. You agree and represent that you are of a sufficient legal age to use this “site” and/or to create a legal and binding agreement and are under total and complete obligation for any liability and/or damages that you may incur as a result for the use of this site (www.loveteez.com). You understand and agree that you are legally and financially responsible for every use and all uses of this site by you (“user”) or by an unauthorized “user” using your account information, personal identifiable information, financial information, and/or login information, and/or use of your personal identifiable information and/or your financial information with or without your permission and can in no way hold Artisan Angel LLC (www.loveteez.com) and/or its business partners, officers, members, founders, owners, workforce, or any of its affiliates responsible or liable in any way for damages caused you “user” or from or by the user of your personal identifiable and/or your financial information. This agreement includes (“user” or “unauthorized users”) whether logged in as a member or as a guest to the “site” (www.loveteez.com) and obtaining access to “site” and making a purchase of products or services by entering your personal identifiable and/or financial information.



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